Our vision is a world…
where ambitious people and tech companies
connect through purpose driven networks to
solve important problems
and move scientific frontiers forward

The Team

Niklas Löfberg

Niklas is an experienced strategy advisor with over 20+ projects in different industries. He has a family business management background and he loves to guide ambitious people through tech opportunities to create sustainable business value.

Simon Gustner Börstell

A perfect example of a skilled engineer with a keen business sense.
Experienced project leader and an expert in design engineering and simulations of complex characteristics.
Possesses a strong believe that the combination off tech and sustainability will lead to a better future.

Carl Johan Mangelus

More than 15 years of experience as a business leader, most recently from a real estate company with 34 daughter companies.
Founded a handful of start-ups within different business areas.
Known for his leadership style where brains, heart and legs are combined with an open and teaching culture.

Nicolas Berner Wolf

A multi-faceted engineer with a vast experience within R&D and production, mostly from the Renewable Energy and Offshore industry.
A thorough experience within ownership management and family business enterprises.

Pim Polesie

Pim is a serial entrepreneur and founder of OXE Marine (Oxe Diesel), Avant Marine AB and Specma Sim System. He has also been manager at Specma Group (Schouw & Co). He has a Licentiate degree in Engineering from Chalmers University.